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Claremont Serial Killings

 ​“Chilling Words -  Dark Side Of The Claremont Serial Killings . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ”

 ​“Chilling Words -  Dark Side Of The Claremont Serial Killings . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ”

 Claremont Serial Killer Bombshell

Horseman Reports Clue To Possible Sarah Spiers Site - Liam Bartlett Feb 11th 2022

Why did the police when contacted in 1997 about a possible sighting of person at the possible sight of the burying of the body of Sarah Speirs fully investigate such sighting?

Part of the answers to this question can bbe found in the new book

​“Claremont’s Darkest Secrets   . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ...” .....  

 “The Truth Behind The Claremont Serial Killings Must Be Exposed..

In loving memory and dedication to the victims of the Claremont Serial Killers

.”Notice of Book Launch"

For enquires for a pre-publishing release of a Collectors Edition of the book 

 ​“Chilling Words -  Dark Side Of The Claremont Serial Killings . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ”  
 “The Truth Behind The Claremont Serial Killings Must Be Exposed..

The Claremont Serial Killings -


​“Chilling Words - Dark Side Of The Claremont Serial Killings . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ”

Exposing the Hidden Truth INLTV News


Chilling Words -  Dark Side Of The Claremont Serial Killings (They Have Blood On Their Hands) 

Book And Film

Promo Video The Claremont Serial Killings "Chilling Words - The Dark Side of the Claremont Murders" Is An Explosive New Book and Film that neither the Western Australian Police, The Western Australian Government, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Hall, or even the Defense Team for Bradley Robert Edwards wanted to hear about, read or know about The New Explosive Book that lifts the lid off who was behind the Claremont Serial Abductions, rapes and killings, why they happened and why and how the Western Australian allowed them to happen. It is all exposed in the new book being published and film being produced produced called "Chilling Words - Dark Side of the Claremont Murders" Exert from the introduction of the new book Chilling Words The Dark Side Of The Claremont Murders by Steven Wijat

How and why this story started. #The stories in these volumes of books are all based on the absolute truth, which includes some of the untold story and information behind what are publicly known as ‘The Claremont Serial Killings … ‘.. that the Ruling Elite in charge of running the State of Western Australia and its capital city of Perth did everything in their power to stop from being written and published… “.. if I told the Authorities everything I personally knew as to who was involved in the Claremont Serial Killings …

I would be dead in week …..

these people, organisations and networks are simply far too powerful to try and expose and bring to account ….

you can not think about trying to take them on… “… Sarah Anne McMahon…. who was murdered in November 2000 by Gangland Hitman Donald Victor Morey aka Matusevich, (now claimed by the West Australian Newspaper as having died of ill health in Kalgoorlie on the 5th June, 2020)…..

under orders of those powerful people and networks that Sarah Anne McMahon could publicly name as being involved in planning, executing the Claremont Serial Killings and helping to cover up them being investigated and publicly named and shamed for being involved with the Claremont Serial Killings ….

Even the honest decent people in control of the WA Government, WA Police, the WA DPP, the WA Legal System and the WA Media were either too scared for the safety of their family and themselves, or thought that the families of the victims and the general public could not handle or deal with the full real truth being brought to public light…. that they all went along with a plan to spend over $50 million over 20 plus years of money belonging to the people of Western Australia to deliberately go down the wrong wild goose chase or rabbit hole with their Claremont Serial Killings Investigations and prosecution and controlled mainstream media coverage presenting only Bradley Robert Edwards as being the sole lone ranger who planned, calculated and carried out all the abductions and murders of at least three innocent young women, which included Sarah Glennon, a young Irish Lawyer whose family are from Waterford ...

and Sarah Spiers and Jane Rimmer ...

in and around Claremont/Perth in Western Australia in the 1990's ... belonging to the people of Western Australia... making sure all those powerful people, organisations involved …

one way or another …

in the Claremont Serial Killings …

would never be investigated or publicly named …part of their most complex, devious and clandestine plan was to use the extremely public accusations with the help of the mainstream media outlets which are effectively controlled by the ‘Ruling Elite’, over the first 20 odd years against various innocent people as being named as suspects in committing these most horrendous crimes … which completely destroyed their lives …then to complete ‘Operation Claremont Serial Killings’ … use e very public arrest and trial of Telstra Technician Bradley Robert Edwards to convince the Families and Friends of the Victims and the General Public that the WA Police finally arrested the man that was the sole ‘Enigma In The Dark’ … in the words of the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia, Carmel Barbegallo SC …. that was the sole person who haunted those couple of streets in the Multi-Millionaire suburb of Claremont …who was solely responsible for all the attempted and actual sexual assaults, rapes, abductions and murders in and around Claremont and other Perth Suburbs from 1988 until the end of the 1990’s and possibly beyond…including constantly publicly naming Bradley Robert Edwards in all mainstream media outlets, as being the sole person who was responsible for the planning and execution of the abductions of Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon..

Email:  Book Publishing Manager at 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

published by inl
0:03 The Claremont serial killings
explosive new book the new explosive
book that lifts the lid off who was
behind the Claremont serial abductions
rapes and killings why they happened in
why and how the Western Australian
allowed them to happen it is all exposed
in the new book being published in film
being produced produced called chilling
words Dark Side of The Claremont murders
the book book making public for the
first time the facts information and
legal and factual analysis that neither
the Western Australian police the
Western Australian government the
director of public prosecutions for
Western Australia Supreme Court Justice
Steven Hall or even the defense team for
Bradley Robert Edwards wanted to hear
about read or know about before or
during the long six months trial of
Bradley Robert
Edwards inl TV is easy to find hard to
leave email login link for inl
1:16 well it was pretty frightening I
mean I this afternoon I was at a party
at 2:00 and someone was speaking to
someone on Mob phone and said my God
another girls going missing and the
whole atmosphere of the room was like oh
my God it was pretty scary you just
don't think it's going to happen in such
a small
cuz it was like you know it could have
you good evening clam on serial killer
Bradley Edwards is likely to to die
behind bars for terrorizing our city for
almost a decade the Suburban stepfather
was sentenced to life in prison with a
minimum 40 years closing a dark chapter
in the state's history Jacqueline Robson
is at Karina prison tonight Jackie it's
been a long time
coming Michael Bradley Edwards avoided
wa's harshest penalty of life without
parle but this comes close the longest
minimum sentence of any crime in the
state's history the police commissioner
says he hopes Edwards is never released
and he's jailing today means the
community is now safe from a killer and
a sadistic
rapist families making their last
painful Journeys to court for their
daughters and sisters for
justice Applause erupted as an
expressionless Bradley Robert Edwards
was sentenced to life the judge though
stopping short of the prosecution's
request for him to never be released I
am satisfied that there is another
outcome that would would meet those
interests that outcome is to impose life
sentences with a very long minimum term
long as in 40 years meaning the
52-year-old won't be allowed to try for
parole until he's 88 there is a high
likelihood that you will die in prison
die after a sad deprived and confined
existence but nothing equal to stealing
the lives of Jane rimmer and Kira
Glennon and destroying two more in
brutal sex attacks describ by the judge
as a predator who sought out vulnerable
young women for his own sexual
gratification by your actions you not
only Rob them of their lives but their
hopes their dreams and the dreams of
others for them Jenny rimmer's dream was
of her daughter marrying having children
and being a wonderful mother her
powerful Victim Impact statement also
revealing my husband was shattered he
died 14 years ago from cancer I believe
the grief and TR RoR of losing Jane made
him susceptible he never got to know
what happened to his daughter cruy Don
Spears didn't have the chance to speak
his mind his 18-year-old daughter Sarah
the first to disappear but her body
never found and not enough evidence to
convict The Quest For Justice for Sarah
will continue edged into wa history is
the mid90s when Jane rimmer and Kira
Glennon were snatched from clemont
streets during nights out their necks
slashed as they fought for life Kira's
desperate battle ultimately leading to
her Killer's conviction it would take
years but DNA found under the
27-year-old's fingernails was linked to
the two Cold Case sex attacks then
fingerprints from an assault bringing
police to Edwards in 2016 then there
were the fibers found on her body as
well as Jane rimmers matching the
Telstra technician clothing and the car
he drove this is the longest ever
minimum sentence for any crime ever in
Western Australian judicial history the
jailing of Edwards means the community
is now safe from this terrible person
he's parents making a swift
exit Edwards declined to participate in
a psychiatric report leaving little
insight into why he killed why he
attacked and terrorized a generation of
West Australians the theory of a marital
breakdown driving him to violence

 Where Is Sarah Spiers - New Evidence In Sarah's Possible Whereabouts

The Claremont Serial Killer Bradley Edwards

May Have Been Responsible For Other Serious Crimes

The Woman Who Escaped The Bogey Man Claremont Serial Killer

Bradley Robert Edwards 60 Minutes Australia

Australia's Worst Serial Killer Ivan Milat's family Reveal His Darkest Secrets

60 Minutes Australia

Cops coy on visit to ‘Spiers site’

 POST Newspapers 19 Feb 2022 By BRET CHRISTIAN


Police will not say whether they have visited the Hills site nominated by a horse trainer as the possible disposal site for a body.

The trainer told the POST he recognised an image of Claremont killer Bradley Edwards as the man carrying a shovel he saw emerging from bush at dawn the morning Sarah Spiers vanished ( Horseman reports clue to Spiers site, POST, February 12).

The POST asked police a series of questions based on the man’s account, including whether they had excavated the spot he nominated. He has told the POST the location. This week a police spokesman replied: “The information was first reported to police in October 1997 and has been investigated.

“The further reports received have also been investigated appropriately.

“There is no evidence to validate the information, and the whereabouts of Sarah remain unknown.

“WA Police will never give up in their efforts to find Sarah.”

The trainer contacted the POST because after reporting to police what he had seen, he had no further contact from them.

He said he had not been asked to show police the direction from which he saw the man with the shovel walking.

Sarah Spiers vanished early on the morning after Australia Day 1966, after visiting Club Bayview in Claremont.

Bradley Robert Edwards is serving a minimum 38-year sentence for the murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, who also disappeared after partying in Claremont in 1996 and 1997.

Edwards was acquitted of the murder of Sarah Spiers.

Because her body has not been found, police were unable to make a forensic link between her and her killer.

The trainer said that after his report, he and another person became spooked as detectives concentrated their investigations on three other local men, including Cottesloe public servant Lance Williams, who in 2009 turned out to have nothing to do with the three murders.

He said he had become alarmed and feared that he would be treated as a suspect.

But recently he read POST editor Bret Christian’s book on the murders, Stalking Claremont, and believed he recognised the image of the man he had seen.


Carmel Barbagello SC Deputy WA Director Public Prosecutions

Carmel Barbagello SC was the Deputy WA Director of Public Prosecutions who was Acting For Chris Dawson the WA Commissioner of Police in the prosecution of Bradley Robert Edwards who was charged for the murders of Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon.

Ms Barbagallo has 25 years’ legal experience commencing in general practice in regional Queensland before taking on a variety of roles in the ACT, Victoria and Western Australia.

Sarah Spiers, Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer

Sarah Spiers, Ciara Glennon and Jane Rimmer

Bradley Robert Edwards Photo 1

Bradley Robert Edwards Photo One 

Bradley Robert Edwards Photo Two

Bradley Robert Edwards Photo Two, Bradley Robert Edwards was on trial for the murders of Sarah Speirs, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, and was found guilty by Justice Stephen Hall for the murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, but found not guilty of Sarah Speirs

Bradley Robert Edwards and Carmel Barbagello SC Deputy Director Public Prosecutions For  Western  Australia

Bradley Robert Edwards and

Carmel Barbagello SC Deputy Director Public Prosecutions For Western  Australia

Paul Yovich SC Head Lega lCounsel Representing Bradley Robert Edwards At His Murder Trial.jpg

Paul Yovich SC Head Legal Counsel Representing Bradley Robert Edwards At His Murder Trial

Lauriee Webb Former Senior PathWest Scientist Sacked For Not Following Proper DNA Research Protocols In Criminal Cases

Lauriee Webb Former Senior PathWest Scientist Sacked For Not Following Proper DNA Research Protocols In Criminal Cases

David John Caporn Former Macro TaskForce Head and Former Assistant WA Police Commissioner

David John Caporn Former Macro Task Force Head and

Former Assistant WA Police Commissioner,

who had to quickly resign form the WA Police after being accused by the High Court of Australia for conspiring with other WA Police and WA Senior DPP Prosecutor Kenneth Paul Bates for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in Andrew Mallard's murder trial, ad was also accused of interfering in the charging of well known WA Footballer Barry Cable who was accused by a women of sexual assault against her when she was a child

Justice Hall went on to deliver guilty verdicts for the murders of the other two women, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. For those families, at least, a part of their nightmare was over.

"We were all very, very relieved and happy that we got the result we wanted," says Jenny Rimmer. "And it just seemed unreal that finally he'd been convicted."

Mr Spiers, too, found comfort in those verdicts.

"That gave us great peace of mind that he was going to be put away and taken out of the community," he said. "He'll never bother anyone again."

Edwards hid in plain sight for more than 20 years before his arrest in 2016

Two decades in advancements in forensic science helped unmask the Claremont killer.

When Don Spiers sat in the packed courtroom in the WA Supreme Court in late September he had everything at stake. He had waited 25 years for some kind of justice for his daughter, Sarah.

Twenty-five years of unremitting agony. For a third of his life he had been grieving his child, not knowing what had happened to her.

Sarah Spiers had been the first of three young women to go missing in the wealthy Perth suburb of Claremont where a suspected serial killer had preyed in the mid-1990s. She was only 18. Hers was the only body not found and the lack of physical evidence meant her murder would be the hardest to prove.

Mr Spiers' suffering has been immense. "It never leaves you," he tells Australian Story 16 years after he was first interviewed by the program.

"No matter how hard you try, you can't ignore it. There's probably not an hour of any day that passes that I don't think of Sarah. It was our lovely daughter and we'll never forget that — never, never, ever."

But after the biggest police investigation in WA history, Don Spiers would finally be in the same room as the man accused of brutally killing his little girl.

Bradley Robert Edwards was on trial for the murder of Sarah in January 1996, Jane Rimmer a few months later and Ciara Glennon, a 27-year-old lawyer, in early 1997. All of them had been making their way home from clubs in Claremont when they disappeared.

Three sets of parents became connected by the unthinkable, a profound connection that would sustain them through the trial and beyond the verdict.

Jenny Rimmer still goes to the cemetery and talks to her daughter, Jane.

"She was a lovely little girl. Very bubbly. She was just a delight to be around."

Her daughter was 23 and working in childcare when she had her life brutally taken.

Ms Rimmer's sadness is for the life she never got to live. "I miss her. I just think to myself, she would be married with probably three or four children. She loved children. It's just so sad that she never got to do that."

The arrest of Edwards in December 2016 came as a complete shock to her.

"I never thought they'd find anybody," Ms Rimmer said.

"It had been going on for so long and I just thought it was a lost cause, really."

For Mr Spiers, it was not wholly unexpected.

"I've always had a gut feeling that he would eventually be arrested because forensics were getting better and the police were very determined to get an end result."

​“Claremont’s Darkest Secrets   . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ...” .....  

 “The Truth Behind The Claremont Serial Killings Must Be Exposed..

In loving memory and dedication to the victims of the Claremont Serial Killers

.”Notice of Book Launch"

“Claremont’s Darkest Secrets   . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ...” .....  
The untold truth of the Claremont Serial Killings must be told ..:  so that the victims of the Claremont Serial Killers can have their final say .., the truth will shock the public of Western Australia, who may rather believe what the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia... Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo SC ..,, with a $100 million dollar budget paid by the people of Western Australia to prosecute Bradley Robert Edwards at a six month trial with over 200 witnesses and over 20,000 exhibits ... has desperately tried to convince His Honour Justice Stephen Hall ... “ ... that confessed rapist ....  Telecom Technician Bradley Robert Edwards is the lone Claremont Serial Killer ..., “ .... the readers of “Claremont’s Darkest Secrets (They Have Blood On Their Handsome )”  .... will be given the opportunity to make up their own minds .,,24-Year Investigation - The Untold Story Of The Claremont Serial Murders - Ciara Glennon, a much loved Irish-Australian Lawyer, and much loved Australian girls Julie Cutler... Sarah Spiers... Jane Rimmer and Sarah Anne McMahon ... all abducted near Claremont and the City of Perth .. which .is described by author Debi Marshal in her book about the Claremont Serial Killings as ‘"The Devil’s Garden’   ... believed to all have all been abducted and  brutally murdered right under the noses of the Western Australian Police ... with those involved in the Claremont Serial Killers hiding in plain site of the Western Australian Public  ... but their criminal activities well known by the Western Australian Police long before the abduction and murder of Irish-Australian Lawyer Ciara Glennon and the abduction and murder of young innocent vulnerable Australian girls Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Sarah Anne McMahon ... 

For enquires for a pre-publishing release of a Collectors Edition of the book 

 ​“Claremont’s Darkest Secrets   . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ”  
 “The Truth Behind The Claremont Serial Killings Must Be Exposed..

Email:  Book Publishing Manager at 

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Jane Rimmer Last Seen Hitching by 4 Uni Students 12.30 am 9th June 1996 Hitching on Stirling Highway towards the City of Perth 

This fact was deliberately withheld by the Police, the State of WA, the  DPP for WA and the  Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo SC from the Bradley Robert Edwards/Claremont Serial Killer Trial​ .. The Question Is Why Was This Important Material Fact Withheld?

Another important question to be answered is why the Western Australian Police and Telecom/Telstra did not flag up the name of Bradley Robert Edwards  in the 1995 and 1996 when the WA Police requested from Telecom/Telstra  to supply a list of drivers with access to Telstra vans and cars  in 1995 and 1996 ,,,,,, it is strangely claimed at the trial by the WA Police and Prosecution .... that the name of Bradley Robert Edwards was not flagged up in 1995/1996/1997/1998 as a suspect in the 1995 Karakatta Rape and/or the disappearance of Sarah Spiers in January 1996, the abductions andor murders of Jane Rimmer in June 1996  and Ciara Glennon  in March 1997 ...being the only Telecom/Telstra  employee with access to Telecom.Telstra vehicles who had a serious criminal record of a serious sexual assault conviction for the 1990 Hollywood assault, where the female victim stated she believed at the time that Bradley Robert Edwards was going to kill her.... how and why was the name of Bradley Robert Edwards left off the Telecom/Telstra List of Drivers that had access to Telecom/Telstra vans  and cars in 1995, 1996 and 1997, 1998 ..... one answer could that  the WA Police had already knew that BR Edwards had committed the Karrakatta Rape in 1995 but needed to add his DNA to one of the CSK Victim's DNA and take it the UK for Low Copy Type DNA Testing to help frame BR Edwards for all the Claremont Serial Killings ...  if the WA Police and the DPP for WA are right about BR Edwards being the sole Claremont Serial Killer  ... then if they had done their job properly in 1995 after the Karrakatta Rape happened the police would have  and should have immediately flagged up the name of Bradley Robert Edwards in 1995 by searching the police files for people with similar criminal sexual assault convictions in a nearby area . then the Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon would still be alive...... Hollywood is close to Claremont and Karrakatta and the 1990 Hollywood assault on a female  is a very similar crime to the 1995 Karratta Rape with BR Edwards only having recently  finished his tw year probation period... ... thus it is impossible for name of Bradley Robert Edwards would not have been on their radar and flagged up as a suspect in the 1995 Karrakatta Rape immediately the 1995 Karrakatta Rape was reported....

Please take the time to read “Claremont’s Darkest Secrets   . (They Have Blood On Their Hands) ...” .....   “The Truth Behind The Claremont Serial Killings Must Be Exposed....  for some answers.... and discover further questions to be answered about the Claremont Serial Killings

Claremont serial killings trial hears graphic details of Karrakatta Cemetery rape by Bradley Edwards

By Andrea Mayes

to die.

Key points:

  • The girl was attacked by Bradley Edwards a year before Sarah Spiers went missing
  • Edwards pleaded guilty to the rape charges before his murder trial began
  • The graphic testimony caused a woman to flee the courtroom while sobbing

A 17-year-old girl who was abducted and raped in a Perth cemetery by alleged Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards said she was so terrified during her ordeal, she thought she was going to die.

A number of statements from the woman, whose name has been suppressed, were read by state prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo SC at Edwards's WA Supreme Court trial on Monday.

Warning: This story contains graphic content that may be upsetting

Edwards, 50, a former Telstra technician, is charged with the wilful murders of Sarah Spiers, 18, Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27.

He was originally charged with a total of eight offences, including three charges relating to the rape of the teenager as well as an attack on another teenager in Huntingdale in 1988.

But he pleaded guilty just weeks before the trial began to all but the murder charges.

Grabbed while walking home

The statements were given to police in the days, weeks and years after the attack at Perth's Karrakatta Cemetery on February 11, 1995 — a year before Ms Spiers was allegedly abducted and murdered.

The woman said she was walking home from Club Bay View, the same venue Ms Spiers last visited before she vanished, when she was grabbed from behind by a man.

Ms Spiers was last seen shortly after leaving the same Claremont nightclub on January 27, 1996.

The 17-year-old described walking along Gugeri Street and then along a path that ran through nearby Rowe Park when the man suddenly seized her.

Accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards raises his hand while standing on a football oval with three teammates.
Bradley Edwards has admitted sexually assaulting the girl in 1995

He threw her to the ground and straddled her while he tied her wrists together behind her back, before stuffing what felt like a thick woollen sock into her mouth.

She began crying but closed her eyes, believing it was better if her attacker thought she had not seen him.

"I initially tried to struggle, but given the size of the man who assaulted me I thought it would be safer not to," she said.

She described her attacker as heavily built, about 185 centimetres tall and Caucasian, with straight, brown hair.

"I kept my eyes closed a lot of the time because I was very frightened," she said.

"I thought I was going to die."

'I can't believe this is happening'

Edwards then carried her to a nearby vehicle, likely a van, tying her ankles together and putting a cotton bag over her head before driving for about 25-30 minutes and stopping the vehicle.

He carried her out then dropped her on the ground, and began dragging her through the dirt.

A close up picture of a twisted communications cable


A picture of the cable Bradley Edwards used to tie up the Karrakatta victim
An archive picture of a white van with a Telecom logo on the side.
A Telecom van similar to the one issued to Bradley Edwards in the 1990s

Too scared to scream or cry out, the woman gave a graphic description of being raped by Edwards.

"I just know that I felt a lot of pain," she said.

"I didn't scream, I just froze basically."

A woman watching proceedings in the public gallery of the courtroom got up and fled from the room sobbing as the statement was being read out.

A desperate search for help

The woman said she kept her eyes closed even after Edwards pulled the bag off her head, because she wanted him to think she was unconscious.

After the attack, he picked the teenager up and threw her into some bushes about 8 metres away.

Edwards finally left in his vehicle and when the girl opened her eyes and got up, she realised she was in the cemetery.

A court sketch of Bradley Edwards
Edwards raped the girl a year before Sarah Spiers went missing from Claremont.(ABC News: Anne Barnetson)

Walking out onto the road, she could see houses nearby but did not approach them, because she "didn't trust a stranger".

Naked from the waist down and with her hands still bound, she tried desperately to cover herself with the denim vest she had been wearing as she ran along the street searching for help.

She came to a nursing home and found a phone on the outside of the building, before managing to knock the receiver off its cradle and dial numbers with her chin.

When a woman eventually picked up and asked where she was, she was unable to say, so she ran off towards the road.

The phone call a parent dreads

Edwards's victim eventually found a public phone box, calling the operator and making a reverse-charge call to her parents' home, where her father answered.

Markings on a sandy patch of land
A photo taken by police at Karrakatta in the hours following the attack, showing ground markings consistent with something or somebody being dragged.(Supplied: Supreme Court of WA)

In a witness statement tendered to the court, he said his daughter was "crying hysterically" as she begged him to pick her up.

"She said, 'I was taken by a man and tied up and left at the cemetery'," he said.

The teenager then ran to nearby Hollywood Hospital and banged on a glass door, where she could see a nurse.


"I was hysterical," she said.

The nurse let her in and helped her after she told her she had been raped, and her parents and the police arrived soon after.

She asked him to remove the cord that was still partially tied around her with a very tight knot, which he untied "with difficulty".

The cord was about 4 metres long and he said he thought it was a "Telecom extension cord".

The trial, before Justice Stephen Hall, continues.