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Unfriendly Irish Wow Burger


A new fast food establishment chain Wow Burger owned by PassUp an Irish owned company would not serve a customer from a fast food van as the customer was not wearing a mask outside of the van. This occurred in Bray April 6th 2021 from a Wow Burger serving food from a van (ie not indoors). Masks are only required indoors, it is hard to eat outdoors with a mask on! The service person was very rude and had a poor attitude the customer complained. The incident was reported to the gardi and several complaints were attempted by phone to the company PassUp but no person answered or no one got back regarding the complaint when messages were left. The owner of any company or even transport cannot by law refuse entry if the person is not able to wear a mask for reasons such as breathing difficulties. Several complaints were also made at the Wow Burger in Ranelagh for unfriendly and poor service.

Many other shops in the Bray main street also seemed to be very unfriendly and made noisy attacks while walking into the shops without a mask (ie hitting a till or something else as a form of psychic attack). These attacks occurred before they even asked the person to wear a mask in their shop. A shop can ask a person to wear a mask but cannot enforce it if a person has a problem wearing one. This is discrimination, imagine refusing service because a person was in a wheelchair!

Get your harassment burger with a grin from this van!


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